On this page you will find news about the project. Also listed here are various actions and activities in which the project participates in order to become known to the public.

OER Barcamp EPALE, Fürth Germany
March, 04th-05th 2020

For two days, the Institute for Learning Innovation focused on Open Educational Resources (OER). On 4 and 5 March 2020, EPALE Germany together with the Institute for Learning Innovation – which was also the venue – organised an OER Barcamp. First of all, the first day included an introductory workshop on the documentation of Barcamp events. Before the participants then went to their pre-selected workshops, the general welcome by the representatives of EPALE and ILI took place. In the first workshop slot the participants could choose between several workshops, all of them on the topic of OER, be it to look at the topic legally, to find free material on the net or to create certain OER tools for the production of free and reusable materials.

In the afternoon, various sessions were scheduled. Sessions are a very typical characteristic of barcamps and run as follows: Everyone is a participant and can become a part of it to the same extent. If you want to say something about a certain topic, discuss a certain topic or are an expert in a certain field that might also interest other participants, you can offer it as a session topic. This will then be recorded on an overview board and distributed to the rooms. The second day had a similar course with further interesting topics and offers on the topic of OER.
SmartyourHome participated in this event at the project market, which took place for 2 hours starting in the afternoon. A poster presentation was used to draw attention to the SmartyourHome project. A lot of interesting conversations could be held and so the topic of Smart Home and elderly people could be spread further. Many contacts could be made and many interested parties could be won for the further course of the project.
The event was a complete success!

3rd Partner Meeting in Romania was cancelled
February, 25th-27th 2020

The third transnational partner meeting of the SmartyourHome project in Piatra Neamt (Romania) was scheduled for 26 and 27 February 2020. Everything had already been organised, the flights booked, the hotel reserved and all meeting arrangements prepared. But then the corona virus thwarted these plans. The media made it known that corona cases were now increasingly occurring in northern Italy and that the Italian government was taking strict measures: The latest news on 24 February 2020 about the closure of various cities in northern Italy (regions of Emilia Romagna [Bologna], Veneto [Venice] and Lombardy [Milan]), as well as the cancellation of the carnival in Venice, also worried us as coordinators of the SmartyourHome project. When our Italian and Spanish partners also cancelled their participation and the German National Agency issued a warning , it was clear that the face-to-face meeting would not take place in Romania. Now we as the project team were faced with the question of how we could nevertheless discuss and agree on our points of content for working together in the project.
Without further ado, we decided as a coordination in consultation with the partners to schedule an online meeting on three days each. Thus, a power online meeting session took place in the morning of 25, 26 and 27 February 2020 from 9.30 – 12.30 hours. During this session, we were able to discuss all the important points in the project, set new deadlines and determine the next work orders for the coming processing period. Conclusion: Extraordinary situations require smart solutions!
The next step is now the conception and development of a basic course on smart home.

Training course on digital skills in Piatra Neamt, Romania
November, 28th 2019

On November 28, 2019, the North-East Regional Development Agency (NERDA) Romania, through the North-East Regional Studies Center, organised a training course on skills in the digital field. This event was a great opportunity to disseminate the SmartyourHome project activities and results. The course was attended by more than 30 participants and the SmartyourHome flyers were received with great enthusiasm by the participants.

“Beteiligung am 3. Bamberger Forum” Bamberg, Deutschland am 23. November 2019

Das Institut für Lern-Innovation (ILI) beteiligte sich dieses Jahr am 23. November 2019 mit dem Projekt SmartyourHome und weiteren am 3. Bamberger Forum für Erwachsenenbildung und Weiterbildung. Veranstalter war die Professur für Erwachsenenbildung und Weiterbildung der Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg, die unter dem Motto “Zusammenarbeit?! Interdisziplinär – Multiprofessionell – Kooperativ” zu einem fachbezogenen Austausch und Diskussion einlud. Nach einem einleitenden Hauptvortrag des Keynote-Speakers Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Jütte (Universität Bielefeld) zum Thema “Multiprofessionalität, Kooperationen und Netzwerke im Transfer zwischen Wissenschaft und Praxis” verteilten sich alle Teilnehmer*innen in zwei Zeitslots auf verschiedene Workshops zum Thema Erwachsenenbildung. Hier konnten die Teilnehmer*innen mit verschiedenen Fachexperten in Diskussion und Austausch treten. Die Veranstaltung war ein toller Erfolg! Dank gilt an dieser Stelle den Veranstaltern und Organisatoren*innen für dieses gelungene Forum, das ILI kommt nächstes Jahr gerne wieder!

“Vortrag an der Alten-Akademie Nürnberg e.V.” Nürnberg, Deutschland am 20. November 2019

Am Mittwoch, den 20. November 2019 war das Institut für Lern-Innovation Vertreten durch die Referentin und Projektkoordinatorin Tamara Suttner an der Alten-Akademie in Nürnberg zu Gast. Mit einem Vortrag über das Projekt SmartyourHome erfuhren die Zuhörer*innen mehr über die Begrifflichkeit Smart Home und auch über Geräte, Anwendungen und Services, die mittels dieser neuen Technologien mittlerweile möglich sind. Im Projekt selbst werden Online-Kurse zu Smart Home Konzepten und Geräten entstehen, die ältere Leute zu zwei Dingen befähigen sollen: zum einen interessierten Senioren*innen die Möglichkeit zu bieten durch die Verwendung von Smart Home Geräten länger autonom im eigenen Zuhause wohnen bleiben zu können; zum anderen sollen die älteren Leute durch die Kurse ein Bewusstsein dafür entwickeln, welche Smart Home Geräte oder Anwendungen sie im alltäglichen Leben sinnvoll unterstützen können (und welche wohl eher überflüssig sind). Das heißt es geht darum den Senioren*innen bei der Entwicklung einer Fähigkeit zu unterstützen, die sie digital autonom werden lässt und sie trotzdem ihre Mündigkeit behalten. Der Vortrag kam bei der Zuhörerschaft sehr gut an und wurde durch Kommentare und Diskussionen interessierter Teilnehmer interaktiv angereichert. Der Vortrag an der Alten-Akademie war ein voller Erfolg und wird voraussichtlich auch im Sommersemester 2020 erneut stattfinden!

“Die Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften” in Erlangen/Nürnberg/Fürth, Germany
October, 19th 2019

On October, 19th 2019 “die lange Nacht der Wissenschaften” (“long night of sciences”) took place in the Nuremberg-Fürth-Erlangen area. The ILI also took part in various events and was able to welcome a large number of interested visitors to the Learning Lab. SmartyourHome was presented as part of an educational project rally and attracted the attention of several interested parties. Altogether a positive summary can be drawn from this “night”. We are looking forward to being there again next year!

2nd Sheld-On Conference Meeting in Ohrid, North-Macedonia, October, 17th 2019

The second international conference SHELD-ON with the topic “Solutions for ageing well at home, in the community and at work” took place on October, 17th in Ohrid (Northern Macedonia).
The ILI was also involved in this conference with the project “SmartyourHome” and was able to present first results. The fitting accuracy of the conference theme and the goals and intentions of the “SmartyourHome” project was astounding, because the project is also about using smart home devices, services and applications in such a way that a longer autonomous life in one’s own home is still possible even in old age.
The “SmartyourHome” project made a valuable contribution to the conference.

Source of the documents: COST Action CA16226, supported by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)\\ scientific committee of the second COST Action CA16226 Sheld-on Conference \\ Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License \\ To view a copy of this license, visit \\

COST Action CA16226, supported by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)\\ scientific committee of the second COST Action CA16226 Sheld-on Conference \\ Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License \\ To view a copy of this license, visit \\


On the 10th October, a street campaign of the Innovation in Learning Institute (ILI) took place in front of the main library of the Friedrich-Alexander University (FAU). Under the motto “ERASMUS+ moves”, a tandem presented the range of EU projects by means of information material (flyers, postcards). The SmartyourHome project also attracted a great deal of attention and was able to win interested passers-by over.

This action was also posted in facebook:

Check out the Erasmus+ Days video we shot as part of this campaign! (To watch the video, just click on the picture or the headline below and you will be straightly redirected to the video)

Day of Digitisation in Nuernberg, Germany
October, 9th 2019

On October 9th, the Day of Digitization took place as part of the Digital Week at the FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg in cooperation with the Center for Digitization Bavaria. Various keynote speakers presented interesting approaches to digital teaching. The day was successfully rounded off with workshops on various topics in the field of digital learning.

Project presentation at North-East Regional Development Agency, Romania, September, 24th 2019

On September 24th, the North-East Regional Development Agency, represented by Mrs. Ana Paraschiv, head of CRS office, held a presentation of the European projects managed by the North-East Regional Studies Center, including the SmartyourHome project, financed through the Erasmus+ Program.

Mrs. Ana Paraschiv, presented the objectives of the project and the benefits that seniors can get by participating in online courses dedicated to Smart Home technologies. She had also talked about the results obtained so far and the current stage of implementation of the project.

The initiative was received with great enthusiasm from the participants, who wished to receive updates as the project evolves.

2nd Projectpartner Meeting SmartyourHome in Milan, Italy, 10th-11th July 2019

On 10-11 July, the second project partner meeting of the SmartyourHome project took place in Milan. The host this time was the Italian organisation Eurocrea Merchant. This meeting was primarily about discussing the next steps in the individual intellectual outputs and setting individual deadlines for various activities in a joint exchange. There was a very good working atmosphere, which made constructive work possible and enabled us to take big steps forward together as project partners.

Kick-Off Meeting SmartyourHome in Fuerth, Germany
December, 13th-14th 2018

On 13-14 December 2018 the Kick-Off Meeting took place in the SmartyourHome project. A total of 5 project partners are involved in the project: Ireland, Spain, Italy, Romania and Germany. After getting to know the project partners for the first time, the first questions regarding content were clarified and important milestones were set. We all had a good start into the project and can now start the project full of energy.

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